Friday, May 13, 2011

Plans for the Future


So, in my continuing effort to do new and radical things in the pursuit of individual enlightenment, I've decided something.

When I was younger and in school, I used to walk around in the middle of the night. To what end, I didn't know. I'd go past friend's houses, knowing they were asleep, I'd retrace the steps of my childhood through the cover of night, eventually coming to find myself dissatisfied by never finding anything.

I was looking for something, what that might have been I didn't know, but I did know that when I finally did come across it, I would know.

So, I find myself here, preparing to return to the same grinding of my soul and youth into a dusty pool that I know as money.

I sell my soul, in exchange for normality. I sell my heart, in exchange for the promise that I will see tomorrow.

No more.

I've decided to cast aside this life of mediocrity and cloudy mass of days, months, and years, broken up only by the toying fiction that my life has purpose like this. I've decided to travel.

It's...a little mind-blowing. My plans are simple really, get a plane ticket, some survival gear, land in a foreign culture and start walking. Hop from foreign country to foreign country, until eventually I find myself somewhere I don't have to look for anymore. Japan first, then maybe South Korea, Russia, Taiwan, or Thailand. China. India. Vietnam, Istanbul, Europe, Africa, South America, the East Coast, Canada, Mexico, back to Japan, hell, anywhere is fine really.

I will keep this up a little while longer, and then life will begin to unfold for me, finally. Twenty-one years lost in the cloud of society searching for something, and I finally feel like I'm on the brink of my ultimate discovery. Money is a tool of society, I will abandon this society and it's rules and take to find my own path.

Asia exists because I've seen it in a book, seen pictures on TV and the internet, and heard about it through the news. This is the same for all things I know about the world, but I am hereby done thinking in such a immature method. I will confirm that these things exist by stepping on them and holding them in my hands. Nothing exists until one confirms it for themselves. I will live by that ideal in just a few months.

Watch over me, comrades and friends. We may not meet again in the near future, but I will carry with me memories of you in my journey.